Tom KraMer to speak on Product Development and Innovation at the 2017 Pediatric Device Breakthrough Collaborative on April 13th

Kablooē’s Tom KraMer will be speaking at an event tied to the Design of Medical Devices Conference at the University of Minnesota on April 13th called the 2017 Pediatric Device Breakthrough Collaborative.

Tom is the co-founder of a pediatric non-profit spin-off called Magic Arms and has worked on a number of pediatric devices over the past 25+ years.

Kablooē Design is also a sponsor of Catchwind, a local pediatric device initiative.

Tom will be giving a presentation focused on helping new innovators in pediatrics and what they can do to succeed in product design and development. Tom will also be sitting on a panel discussion at the event to provide advice and guidance to companies with innovative ideas and technologies in the pediatric space.

The U of M’s Design of Medical Devices Conference is now the largest medical device conference in the world.

If you are attending the event, please stop in to talk to Tom!

Tom KraMer portrait

Tom KraMer

The founder of Kablooe design, Tom has been involved in product design work for over 26 years. His work experience spans from toys to medical devices and everything in between: usability research, ideation, design work, and teach on the design/development process. Heck, he can even play drums in the Kablooe band as a backup to real drummers. Got a development question? Tom’s got answers.